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Where learning becomes life changing, from a Massage Course to Counselling Courses. We have what you need!

High Quality Education

Best quality education and skills that are high in demand.

Value for Money

Courses are designed to give you superior skills at the best price compared to any similar course from any other institution

Lifelong Support

When you study with us, you enjoy lifelong support when pursuing your dreams in the industry

Most Popular Courses

Holistic Massage Course

Holistic Massage Course - Certificate​

A comprehensive massage course with 5 weeks in class training and includes swedish massage, sports massage and aromatherapy.

This massage course is offered part time in the evenings.

Counselling Course - Psychotherapy Course

Counselling Certificate Course

This is a distant learning / correspondence programme.

This course complements any and all of the other courses as counselling is a crucial part of any therapist's skills.

Child Psychology Course - Certificate

Child Psychology Certificate Course

A distant learning / correspondence course with an in-depth look at all the stages of development of a child.

This course is ideal for anyone involved with children, from parents to teachers.

Business Skills Certificate Course

Business Skills Certificate Course

This programme will equip you with all the skills necessary to run a successful business.

Business skills is offered as a distant learning / correspondence course.

Aromatherapy Course

Aromatherapy Certificate Course

Aromatherapy is the study of the therapeutic value of the essence of plants. This course covers the theoretical aspect of essential oils as well as the clinical application to promote health and well-being.

Herbalism Course

Herbalism Certificate Course

The Herbalism Certificate Course studies the medicinal value of herbs. This distant learning / correspondence course will equip the student with the necessary knowledge to practice herbalism with confidence.

Massage Courses and more...

with Distant Learning and In-Class Training we have the option that is right for you. From Massage Courses to Spa Therapy Courses, we have it all.

Our Leading Advantage

Our Leading Advantage Inspired learning to help you realizing your dreams. At the CAMS Institute we specialise in changing people’s lives through innovative training and supporting them to achieve their full potential.


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Inspired Learning.....

The CAMS Institute prides itself on the highest standard education and training in our industry. 

Our courses were designed with the student in mind, ensuring delivery is always fun, easy to understand and of the highest level. With more than 18 certificate courses, our training programmes covers a wide spectrum of complementary therapies -and include exciting ancient world knowledge with courses like Crystal Healing Courses and Colour Therapy Courses to modern evidence based disciplines like our Massage Course, Counseling Courses, Nutrition Courses and Child Psychology Courses.

CAMS offers distant or correspondence courses for our theory based courses as well as in-class face-to-face training for those courses with a practical aspect.

We have students around the globe and we are extremely proud of our many happy students working as successful practitioners in South Africa and around the world.