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The Complementary and Alternative Medical Science Institute is the leading professional body in South Africa. CAMS role as your partner is providing registration and recognition, support, advice, access to quality training and knowledge. In our industry we strive to protect the rights of every natural therapy occupation.

We believe knowledge is power, and provide our members with a host of FREE benefits like regular articles on the latest breakthroughs in natural health as well as evidence based trails and information in the natural healing world.

Your Professional Membership Certificate with CAMS will give you credibility with your clients and enable you to grow your practice with confidence.

Members First

At the Complementary and Alternative Medical Science Institute we always put our members first! Your success is our priority.

Constant Support

Supporting your business and protecting your rights is what we do – CAMS is the key to your success.

Latest Research

You will always be informed of the latest research, news and information on natural health.

Members Area

Our exclusive members’ area is packed with FREE info, tools and resources on natural therapies and how to grow your business.

Focused on You

Your success is our priority. Member focused driven support, with priority to our members and their needs, is what makes us the key partner in your success. It is a lonely, scary world out there, but with CAMS as your partner, you will practice with confidence, knowing that you have experts by your side: to guide, support and grow your business.

Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition for all your Qualifications Membership Certificate Internationally Recognised in many Countries World-Wide All Complementary, Alternative, Natural Therapy Modalities Accepted. As well as all other Health and Skincare Modules.

Practice with Confidence

The CAMS Institute offers therapists around the world exceptional support. We help you to grow and develop your therapy business that you can practice your therapy with confidence and the recognition you deserve. With us you have the experts on your side.

Why the CAMS Institute

Professional Recognition ** FREE business resources ** Business and Legislative support ** Labour relations and IR matters advice ** Discount Courses and Workshops ** ….and much more

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The CAMS Institute Code of Ethics

  • Members shall practice their profession only within the boundaries as set forth in the definition of such and for which they have had proper training.
  • Members shall keep accurate and up-to-date records regarding a client’s condition before and after a treatment.
  • Members shall obtain an overview or profile of the client’s state of being and health history and discuss with the client any problem areas that may contra-indicate any treatment. In cases where treatment may be or is contra-indicated, members shall acknowledge their limitations and refer the client to the appropriate health professional.
  • Members shall pay very strict attention to cleanliness of the environment of the treatment area including all linens, personal clothing and body and mind.
  • In the interest of a professional session, members shall provide a relaxing atmosphere for the client; including cleanliness, a peaceful atmosphere, attention to scheduling, proper warmth of the room and most importantly sensitive attention and
    response to the clients comfort zones.
  • Members shall maintain a clear and honest relationship with their clients and shall keep all clients’ communications, whether medical or personal strictly confidential.
  • Members shall abide by all laws which pertain to their work as a therapist.
  • Members will in no way instigate or tolerate any kind of sexual advance while acting in the capacity of therapist.
  • Members shall recognise and respect the rights of all other ethical practitioners and will co-operate with all health professionals in a friendly and professional manner.