About our Programmes

How are programmes delivered?

The CAMS Institute uses an open learning model. In terms of this model each short course or learning program can be completed at your own pace within a 2 year bracket. Should the program contain practical contact hours, these should be completed at the college on the dates as prescribed by the college. These sessions are presented concurrently on scheduled dates for a predetermined number of sessions. There are various starting dates for these sessions and a student can opt to start these sessions whenever they are ready within the 2 year period. Schedules for the different starting dates and times for the different programs are available from the college and will be included in your learner pack. If contact hours are required for a specific program, you will need to attend these classes consecutively for at least one run. 

How do the exams work?

Depending on the program you might have a theoretical exam and / or a practical exam. These exams are conducted every month at the college on specific days. You can register to do the exam as soon as you meet the requirement of the exam as prescribed for a particular program within a 2 year period.

What happens after the exam?

When you successfully complete any program with the CAMS Institute you qualify for professional membership to the Complementary and Alternative Medical Sciences Institute. This association supports you when working with your newly acquired skill – from setting up your own business to working at an existing company or finding employment on international cruise liners.

Types of programmes offered

“Provider Programme” – These are CAMS Institute short courses that enhance your skills and improve your career opportunities. Provider Programs are not linked to the NQF, but they are in high demand and carry the approval and accreditation of the Complementary and Alternative Medical Science Institute Board.

“Specialized Programmes” – These are specialized programmes that consist of a collection of short courses that are focused on a specific area of interest. The programmes are designed to give the students the necessary knowledge around a specific area of interest.  

IETACH accredited


The CAMS Institute are internationally accredited with IETACH (accreditation number 33528/00861/23) Our accreditation status can be verified on their website.

All our courses are aligned to international standards and our course assessors are qualified through the Education, Training and Development Practices Sector (ETDP-SETA) to act as an assessor. All our facilitators adhere to strict quality standards which enables us to competently and professionally facilitate our courses and all courses carry the approval and accreditation of the Complementary and Alternative Medical Sciences Institute. All courses are assessed on exit level outcomes of the specific course and if found competent based on the outcomes a CAMS Certificate of Competence is issued.