Counselling Certificate Course

Counselling Certificate Course

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Course Fact Sheet

  |  Duration: 12 weeks
  |  Study Method: Distance Learning – course material provided in book form couriered to you
  |  Course Type: Certificate Short Course
  |  Award: CAMS Institute Certificate
  |  Accreditation: International

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Original price was: R5,200.00.Current price is: R3,300.00.

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| About the Course….

The art of psychotherapy revolves around compassionate listening and effective communication. In this distance learning course, you’ll learn the skills and techniques to effectively communicate with those who are struggling with overwhelming problems and anxieties. Through a comprehensive curriculum, you’ll develop the ability to help individuals understand and resolve their emotional challenges. With a strong focus on empathy and understanding, you’ll gain the expertise to support people as they navigate their emotional struggles and work towards a healthier and happier life.

| Who Should Enrol….

This course is perfectly suited for individuals looking to understand the psyche on the human mind. This course will particularly benefit anyone working with people.

| Entrance Requirement….

Grade 10 (Std. 8) or equivalent, or relevant work experience.

| Course Duration….

You should be able to complete this course in 3 to 4 months, however you have a 2 year bracket to finish your studies.

| Delivery Method….

Distance Learning / Correspondence Course

| Programme Type….

Provider Programme

| Certification & Accreditation….

Upon successful completion of this course, certification is by the Complementary and Alternative Medical Sciences Institute.

| Course Fee....

Original price was: R5,200.00.Current price is: R3,300.00.

This is fully inclusive of registration, course material in hard copy, courier fees and exam fees.

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