Our Policies


This Code of Conduct applies to learners and staff of the CAMS Institute while representing or carrying out activities related to the College.

All members of the College community will undertake to:

  • conduct themselves in a manner that respects and promotes the dignity of others, and interact with others in the community in a spirit of co-operation, goodwill and mutual respect;
  • conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner, refraining from abusing their position or authority to exploit any other party, refraining from misrepresenting themselves, their work or qualifications in any manner, and refraining from abuse or discrimination of any kind;
  • assist in the maintenance of good order in the learning process; and
  • refrain from violating specific regulations of the institution.

Assessments, RPL and Moderation

  • Assessments will adhere to the principles of: fairness, validity, reliability, and practicability.
  • The assessment design will be: documented and, done according to a structure process.
  • Assessment address both theoretical and workplace practical components.
  • The assessment cycle includes both formative and summative assessment opportunities.
  • A variety of assessment methods and techniques are used across learning programs.
  • Assessment instructions to learners are clear and unambiguous.
  • Learners are provided with detailed information on assessment and recognition of prior learning.
  • The assessment environment is safe and conducive.
  • Assessors work to common and explicit instructions for allocating results or judgments.
  • Learners are provided with adequate feedback on their assessment results.
  • Assessment evidence submitted by a learner will adhere to the requirements; validity, authenticity, sufficiency and currency.
  • Procedures are in place to address any assessment irregularities.
  • Assessment and recognition of prior learning appeals system are in place.
  • Assessment procedures, instruments and methods are regularly reviewed.
  • Internal moderation procedures are in place.
  • Only registered Assessors and Moderators may conduct assessments and moderations.

Appeal Process

A learner can appeal an assessment judgment:

  • The outcome of an assessment
  • The outcome of a moderation
  • The outcome of a certificating process

The learner must be informed of the Assessment Appeals process during the first contact with the Facilitator/Assessor. The Assessment Appeals process is a process that can be used by the learner to appeal an assessment judgment. The learner must complete the prescribed appeals form and submit the appeal with all the necessary documentation within fourteen working days to the Facilitator/Assessor. The Facilitator/Assessor will re-assess the evidence and provide his/her comments to the learner within seven working days. The learner must indicate in writing that he/she accepts the decision of the Facilitator/Assessor or not. If not, the learner must outline the reasons for not agreeing and submit the documentation within seven working days to the Moderator. The Moderator will evaluate the documentation and will provide the learner with his/her judgment within seven working days. If the learner also disagrees with the judgment of the Moderator, the Quality Manager must submit a detailed report and relevant documentation to the Education Training Quality Assurance Authority (ETQA) requesting for the appointment of an External Moderator. The decision of the External Moderator will be final.

Appeals documentation must be filed as evidence documentation.

Language Policy

This organisation has a policy of accepting students of any language denomination. All courses are offered in the English medium to facilitate international examinations that are conducted in English and to ensure the understanding of the sub-field of learning terminology. Every effort will be made to assist and accommodate learners who do not speak English as their first language.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Cancellations received within 7 days from registration will receive a 50% refund. The student will be responsible for the full course fee if the withdrawal or cancellation of a course is received more than 7 days from date of registration or once learning material has been sent or once practical classes has commenced.